Change is inevitable. There’s no escaping it. People like myself will fear it, for it has the potential to ruin everything you love and take away the things you have grown accustomed to. In the long run, however, change helps you to grow as a person, to become a stronger, more talented version of yourself; […]

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Five Easy School Outfits

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), school is just around the corner. The days are growing shorter and there’s a crisp feeling to the air, signaling that fall and all its simple joys are on their way. For anyone who doesn’t wear a uniform, getting dressed in the morning can be an […]

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Summer Blues

Summer is upon us, and with it, comes the freedom of having no obligations, school, or stress. Freedom feels like a strange, beautiful luxury for that first week, but the novelty soon wears off, and you find yourself scrolling through endless feeds, just passing time. Personally, I hate the flat, gross feeling that accompanies being bored and wasting […]

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Sunshine Village

During my spring break, I went for an incredible day of skiing with my dad at Sunshine Village. The views of the mountains were phenomenal, but unfortunately I didn’t take many photos. Despite that, I’m sharing what I have with you, and I hope you’ll find them as beautiful as I did!

  The views from the top of the Great Divide run – this was a run where you skied through both B.C and Alberta.

 At the top of the Tin Can Alley run. This was my first time trying an intermediate run!

The drive to Sunshine wasn’t as pleasant as it could’ve been, but it cleared up once we hit the slopes. 

Another shot from the peak of the Great Divide run.   

Another shot at the top of the Tin Can Alley run. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I know it’s been awhile since spring break, but I loved these pictures and really wanted to share them on my blog. Next week, I’ll be posting another edition of Celebrity Style Inspiration, so be sure to come back and check that out! Until next week,
xoxo – Alicia

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3 AM

Isn’t it funny how the wildest, deepest thoughts occur to us when the rest of the world is asleep?  I’ve got this lyric stuck in my head – “Now it’s three in the morning / And I’m trying to change your mind.” Right now, I’m worrying about the future. It’s something we all worry about. […]

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